With the paramount aim of bolstering research findings dissemination and in providing assistance to potential and active researchers, the Center has spawned and continually circulated various publications which are essential in the research sphere.

Sukimat. The SUKIMAT is a refereed multidisciplinary and scholarly journal of the University ofsukimat Baguio, published annually (June and December) by the University of Baguio Research and Development Center, Baguio City, Philippines. Its general objective is to publish scholarly research works in the different fields of knowledge. It is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes original research articles from any disciplines. Integrative and critical reviews of research literature and analyses of research-based theoretical models and methodological approaches of any discipline are welcome.

Catalyst. The UB Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Research Journal is the official student research Journal of the University of Baguio published annually by the Research and Development Center (R&DC).

UB Research Journal. The general objective of the University of Baguio Research Journal is to publish scholarly research work in the different fields of knowledge.

EnQuire (Official Newsletter of R&DC). This newsletter has been aptly dubbed for it patiently bespeaks the fundamental repertoire of the Center. This news letter is utilized to propagate research endeavors, activities and useful information to administrators, faculty/employees, students and other institutions. Its maiden issue was circulated in May 2005.

R&DC Website. Abstracts of research papers of faculty members and employees are published in the website. Each college/department is featured with a list of ongoing and completed researches. These collection of information are available at

Thesis Format Monograph. The R&DC, in collaboration with the Editorial Board, has engendered a manual which not only guides the undergraduate and graduate students in composing their treatise, but as well as acquaints them with the editorial style which completely confirms to a clear and consistent presentation of a written material.