Research Proposal Application Guide

Proposed Research Title.  This is the distinctive name given to the research proposal which describes the scope of work in specific, clear and concise terms

Name of Proponent, Department / College.   The proponent is the faculty member / researcher

Job Title / Position and Academic Rank of the Researcher

Name of the Head of the College

Background of the Study.  This refers to the overview of the project, discussing the factors that led to the conceptualization of the problem. This includes (a) the different theories and models that provide the conceptual underpinnings of the study or the legitimate bases for defining its parameters; (b) the body of literature related to the study being proposed or a discussion on how the research proposal is related with the current researches in the field; (c) statement of the problem, both general and specific, which the research proponent hopes to solve or offer solution/s to.

Methodology.  This refers to the detailed technical/scientific activities which includes the research design, scope or inclusive frame of reference, as well as the limits of the study, sampling plan, instrumentation, statistical tool, and treatment of data.

Working Bibliography.  This refers to the list of sources or the survey of literature in the study.

Work Plan.  This includes a brief description, in chronological order, of each activity to be undertaken in the conduct of the study. The starting date and planned completion date are indicated in year and month and may be presented via a Gantt chart for clarity.

Budgetary Outlay.  This includes a detailed/itemized breakdown of the total project costs and the source/s of funds.

Expected Outputs and Derivations.  This refers to the products of the investigation which would contribute to or increase the stock of knowledge and the contribution of the study to (a) institutional goals / policies; (b) emerging realities; (c) local / regional goals / plans; (d) community goals / plans.

Credentials of Key Personnel / Staff Involved.  These documents are required to establish credibility and expertise of the staff involved in the study.