The University Research Board is composed of distinguished members of the academe who act in advisory capacity for the various research endeavors of the university employees and students to ensure the continuous production of relevant and quality researches. This is comprised of two (2) groups: Institutional Research Committee (IRC) and Research Ethics Committee (REC).

The Institutional Research and Review Committee has been established to ensure quality researches in the University. This assemblage is composed of the following:

Institutional Research Committee Research Ethics Committee

Institutional Research Committee

Institutional Research Committee (IRC). The IRC is comprised of 27 members representing the following disciplines: Multidisciplinary, Social Science, Natural, Biological Sciences, Criminal Justice, Education, Architecture, Engineering, ICT, Psychology, Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Health, Languages, Literature, Statistics . This group is chaired by the R&DC Director who reviews researches reviewed by the other members

Institutional Research Committee

Dr. Isagani A. Paddit – Multidisciplinary
Arch. Divina Ligaya Rillera  Architecture – Social Science
Dr. Dahlia Soriano – Biological Science
Dr. Kareen B. Leon | Ms. Christian Michelle Cacho – Business, Social Science
Dr. Charesma Grace Lud-ayen | Dr. Filibert Patrick Tad-awan – Criminal Justice
Dr. Marianne Andrada – Education and Social Science
Engr. Elisabeth D. Calub – Engineering, ICT, Applied Sciences
Dr. Victor Hafalla Jr. – Engineering, ICT, Applied Sciences, Mathematics
Dr. Froilan Aspa – Engineering, Social Science
Dr. Joseph Acosta | Ms. Helen Alalag | Ms. Jaleh B. Gacayan | Ms. Maureen Sabalburo – Health and Social Sciences
Dr. Julius Gat-eb | Dr. Veronica Bito – Language and Education
Dr. Marivic B. Mutong | Dr. Rhoda Tique – Languages, Literature and Education
Dr. Stacy Haynie B. Ayson – Languages, Literature and Education
Dr. Dyesebel Chinayo – Mathematics, Business, Statistics and Education
Mr. Miguel Xerxes R. Villacrucis – Mathematics, Statistics, Business and Education
Dr. Thea Suaco – Natural and Biological Sciences
Ms. Leny O. Estacio – Psychology
Mr. John Nigel Millare | Ms. Aubrill Faye Cariaso – Social Science
Dr. Antonio D. Mangaliag – Social Science and Education

Research Ethics Committee

Research Ethics Committee (REC). The REC is composed of 33 members from different disciplines and is chaired by the most senior researcher among the group who must also be a member of an external research ethics committee. Unless a member resigns, the members have a two-year term after which they re-apply if still interested.

Research Ethics Committee

Dr. Jun C. Corpuz, Chairperson

Atty. Angeline May E. Togade, Vice Chairperson

Nona Christina R. Gabriel, Secretary

Ms. Margie De Vera 
Ms. Madeline Salvino 
Dr. Marie Joy Capdos 
Dr. Warren Moyao 
Engr. Marissa Perdon 
Dr. Jeferd E. Saong 
Mr. Elton John Delos Santos 
Ms. Angela A. Moulic 
Ms. Ivy May Marbella 
Ms. Kate M. Banwa 
Ms. Kimwell Anague 
Ms. Laura Annanayo 
Ms. Ruth Fernandez 
Ms. Lolita Narag 
Dr. Julius A. Simon 
Ms. Rowena Severo 
Dr. Donnavila Marie Panday 
Mr. Junix Jerald Delos Santos 
Mr. Michael D. Benter 
Ms. Alicia Viduya 
Ms. Jenett C. Flores 
Ms. Jenneth B. Antonio 
Ms. Jessica Zambrano 
Ms. Junalyn Penrad 
Ms. Marilou B. Sannadan 
Ms. Rhoda Marie Carbonel 
Ms. Roverlyn Sumeg-ang 
Ms. Josefa Angelica P. Cabuang 
Ms. Ma. Victoria L. Natividad 
Ms. Rachel Grace A. Liclican