Determining the effect of auxin and cytokinin in the micropropagation of indigenous rice species using tissue culture technique: An in vitro study

Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon | John Paul R. Manzano | Khylle Gwyenne I. Manaois Michelle Deanne E. Marrero | Ma. Theresa B. Mañalac | John Michael A. Guerzon
Mr. Maverick N. Tamayo, Adviser
University of Baguio Science Senior High School

Ms. Leila Mary A. Ayban
Horticulture Laboratory, College of Agriculture Benguet State University

Ms. Micah D. Dispo
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health University of the Philippines

Corresponding Authors: Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon ( Maverick N. Tamayo (