In vitro evaluation of the Quorum Quenching activity of Ganoderma sp. extract against Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC27853

Melchor Pimentel, Jr. | Katrisha Cuison | Ting-ying Chou Allyssa Ryella Flores | Justine Liwanag
Mr. Maverick N. Tamayo, Adviser
University of Baguio Science Senior High School

Ms. Thea Suaco
University of Baguio Science High School

Mr. Ronie J. Calugay
Department of Biology, College of Science University of the Philippines Baguio

Corresponding author Melchor F. Pimentel, Jr.


Bacterial cell density of necessitated threshold allows for virulent expression such as biofilm via Quorum Sensing (QS). Inhibiting such circuit concords the prevention of resistance by not killing pathogens. Converging the relevant concept into local resource promises an appended research database given the unknown Quorum Quenching (QQ) or anti-QS potential of Philippine fungus, assertively Cordillera. The study evaluated the In vitro QQ activity of the crude extract from Ganoderma sp. attached on a deciduous Pinus kesiya. The two fractions retrieved, sterol and cellular debris, were screened using swarming motility assay, and inhibited the QS-generated swarming biofilm of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC27853 inferred from the statistical analysis One-way Analysis of Variance (p < .01). The mechanism was accounted for the breakdown of N-Acyl Homoserine Lactone, signaling molecules for the rhamnolipid surfactant. Further, such was complemented with the presence of Terpenes differed by the concentrations relative to the prior antibacterial activity screening. The green color exuded by the supernatant explains QQ activity with the absence of antimicrobial activity. In contrast, the pale green color exhibited by the lysed pellet complemented on the resistant antibiotic activity, analyzed by the same statistical tool. The crude extract proved to be comparable with the existing renowned Quorum Quenchers such as Cinnamon Oil. Further, the study recommends on further QQ discoveries with fungus given the endemic nature of mushrooms in the tropics, outstandingly in the mountainous expanse of Cordillera, and considering officinal mycorrhizae. Whence, the wild mushroom was able to disarm the virulent biofilm, without significantly eliminating ATCC27853.

Keywords: Quorum Quenching, Quorum Sensing, Ganoderma, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC27853, Biofilm Formation