Determining the effect of auxin and cytokinin in the micropropagation of indigenous rice species using tissue culture technique: An in vitro study

Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon | John Paul R. Manzano | Khylle Gwyenne I. Manaois Michelle Deanne E. Marrero | Ma. Theresa B. Mañalac | John Michael A. Guerzon
Mr. Maverick N. Tamayo, Adviser
University of Baguio Science Senior High School

Ms. Leila Mary A. Ayban
Horticulture Laboratory, College of Agriculture Benguet State University

Ms. Micah D. Dispo
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health University of the Philippines

Corresponding Authors: Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon ( Maverick N. Tamayo (


Rice plays an important role in the Philippines as a staple food and also highly regarded as a significant part of the culture and heritage of the Cordillerans. Several indigenous rice varieties like Lasbakan and Balatinaw are deemed highly important for their cultural use in making traditional wines and performing rituals. However, the challenge for indigenous rice farming is evident regarding slower growth rate leading to a poor production rate of the indigenous rice varieties allowing gradual abandonment of farmers and resorting to commercial rice varieties. Thus, this study aimed to determine the best plant hormone concentration for three (3) rice varieties considering root emergence and shoot elongation in-vitro through micropropagation technique. Manually dehulled seeds were cultured with MS Media + six (6) varying concentrations of Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and Kinetin (ki). The set-up was kept under ambient conditions until root emergence and proliferation was continued until shoot emergence. Initial results show that Media 2, composed of MS Media + 3 ppm ki, shows significant results in the growth of the three (3) rice varieties regarding the number of days to root initiation, mean shoot length, mean root length and the number of roots formed. On the other hand, comparing the effects of each media concentrations to the rice varieties, statistical results show that the Lasbakan variety responded greater in terms of the added plant hormone. Overall, further result suggests that Media 5 is the best performing media among all other media concentrations.

Keywords: Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), Kinetin (KI), MS Media, Indigenous Rice, Lasbakan rice, Balatinaw rice