Student Research Policies

The production and defense of student researches are the culmination of the academic journey of students. The conduct of research is vital to the requirements of the curricular programs of the students hence, the following serve to steer the way of the students to this scholarly activity:

  • The research topics of the students should be aligned to the research agenda of their own schools. This is to prevent the conduct of sporadic researches.
  • All researches involving human participants, for defense or not, shall undergo an ethics review by the Research Ethics Committee. Neither solicitation for participants nor data collection may begin until the student researcher/s has/have received a final clearance from the R&DC.
  • Independent student researches (not a subject requirement) are encouraged but they have to go through a process of ethics review if human participants are involved. For these to be published or presented, they must be reviewed by the Institutional Research Committee of the URB.
  • A faculty member, serving in the capacity of an adviser, is required to supervise any research activities of students. Such activities may include class-related research projects, independent research, a graduate thesis or dissertation, an investigatory project, a project study and a feasibility study. The faculty member should be a full-time permanent employee of the university.
  • Refer to the Manual for the Responsible Conduct of Research for additional policies.