For Faculty

R&DC offers the following assistance to the researchers:
• Access to literatures through journals and other data bases.
• An honorarium to faculty researchers commensurate to the scope and nature of the research undertaking.
• Assistance to employees and students in their theses/dissertations through data gathering, instrumentation, editing and statistical services.
• Assistance to external researchers in administering their tools for data gathering.
• Conduct of sustainable seminars and trainings to update the employees and students on research trends and to hone their skills in the different requirements of conducting research, both quantitative and qualitative.
• Free use of computers for encoding and internet surfing. The faculty members and students may print in the office using their own printing materials.
• Free use of the SPSS software for both faculty and student researchers
• Presentation of researchers’ work in local, national or international conferences and in submitting their work to peer reviewed and indexed journals.
• Free use of the Grammarly software.
• Research grant to employees who are writing their thesis and dissertation.