UB Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Research Journal

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catalystThe UB Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Research Journal is the official student research Journal of the University of Baguio published annually by the Research and Development Center (R&DC). It aims to disseminate significant findings and results of studies in varied disciplines by the students. Published researches have gone through a process of ethics review, thesis defense, oral presentation, and peer review by internal experts.



  1. Research topics should be aligned to the Research Agenda of the University or of the school. Topics that do not fall under any of the priority areas may be considered provided they address relevant issues and problems of the times.
  2. Organize the paper following these major headings: Title, Author/s, Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods for experimental study or Methodology for non-experimental study, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References. The References should substantially consists of articles and studies published in scientific and peer-reviewed online journals. Unpublished materials such as theses and dissertations are discouraged.
  3. Type the manuscript in a long bond paper. Follow 0.6” margin on all sides, with 6”x9” paper size.
  4. Use the Rockwell font with an 11.5 point size.
  5. The text is justified, using normal paragraph with the first line indented 5 character spaces from the left margin.
  6. Observe single-spaced lines within a paragraph, and double-space between paragraphs or between headings/subheadings and the subsequent paragraph.
  7. The Abstract should not be more than 300 words (indicate 5 key words).
  8. Spell out acronyms of unfamiliar abbreviations when these are mentioned for the first time in the text.
  9. Do not spell out numbers unless they are used to start a sentence.
  10. Use the metric system only or the International System of Units. Use abbreviations of units only beside numerals (e.g. 6m); otherwise, spell out the units (e.g. kilometers from here). Do not use plural forms or periods for abbreviations of units. Use the bar for compound units (e.g. 1kg/ha/yr). Place a zero before the decimal in numbers less than 1 (e.g. 0.25).
  11. Titles of tables and captions of figures should be as short as possible and understandable without referring to the text. Figures should consists only of simple line drawings, computer- generated graphics or good quality black and white photographs. Photographs should be original figures that are not electronically enhanced and submitted in a jpeg or png file.
  12. To promote anonymous review, authors should not identify themselves directly or indirectly in their papers or in experimental test instrument included in the submission.


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CATALYST 2018 Issue

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