Wireless Network Security Assessment for University of Baguio (WNSAUB)

Michael V. Nabor | Arianne Maricarl R. Ventenilla
School of Information Technology
Ms. Vanessa M. Vallejo, Adviser


The University of Baguio (UB) has a large wired and wireless network. This paper focused on examining the security vulnerabilities and threats imposed by the inherent open nature of wireless communications and to provide recommendations for the improvement of the wireless network security of UB. The researchers applied a descriptive research design using a case study approach which incorporated the Penetration Testing Methodologies and Standard (PTES) in obtaining in-depth information concerning the current status of the security in the wireless network of UB. Based on the study conducted, the wireless network of the University of Baguio still meets the basic security implementation but there are some criteria based from the IEEE 802.11 standards that can still be improved. Finally, the researchers gave recommendations based on the actual findings that can improve the security of the wireless network of the university. Although some technical challenges which remain unresolved at the time of writing are summarized, they can be further studied in the future.