An Assessment of the Short Message System (SMS) of the University of Baguio

Stephanie O. Beliaco, BSCS


The Short Message System (SMS) is considered as one of the ICT tools being utilized by educational institutions to disseminate information to their clients. The basic objective of this study was to assess the existing SMS programs being implemented in the University of Baguio, particularly by the Management Information System (MIS) for grades inquiries and the Student Accounts office for tuition balance inquiries. Interviews were conducted and reports were taken from both offices during the evaluation of these systems. Based on the data that were gathered, it was found out that the SMS program of the MIS does not have a feature for the UB Administration to disseminate announcements via SMS. Furthermore, it was also discovered that a new SMS program for the Student Accounts Office is needed to replace the high maintenance SMS system they previously used to process tuition balance inquiries. The proposed enhancements to improve the 2 existing SMS systems are strongly recommended for adoption and implementation.
Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, July – December 2007