Deficiency Rate of Liberal Arts Students in the 2nd semester of SY 2005-2006

Mr. Julio D. Bugtong, MBS


College, as it is repeatedly told to students, is the key to a well-paying job. Therefore, despite the increasing cost of education, students still flock to colleges and universities. Unfortunately, many of them will not be able to finish their chosen course in due time. It is in this aspect that this descriptive study was conceptualized to determine the deficiency rate of Liberal Arts students in the second semester of school year 2005-2006. Documentary analysis was done by identifying the percentage of subjects with 70, Dropped, Incomplete, No Final Exam, No Grade and Not Attending enrolled by the 365 Liberal Arts students. Findings denote that deficiency rate is (a) highest among males than females, (b) highest among History majors, and (c) highest among second year students. Strategies categorized into (a) institutional reforms and (b) deficiency prevention programs were therefore suggested to address the underplayed and alarming deficiency rate of students, not only in the College of Liberal Arts, but also in the University as a whole.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, July – December 2006