Level of Awareness on the University Policy on Absenteeism of UB College of Commerce Students

Ms. Maria Veneranda Z. Campos, MBA/MBE
Ms. Ruby R. Buccat, MBA
Ms. Rowena Rojo-Cuntapay, MBE


Absenteeism in an educational institution is a perennial problem. There is therefore a need to gauge the students’ consciousness on absenteeism. Most students are aware of the university policy on absenteeism but since absences cannot be avoided and circumvented, it may remain as a problem yet, can be lessened. This study aimed at finding out the level of awareness of students on the university policy on absenteeism at the College of Commerce, University of Baguio. The study further explored the reasons for student absenteeism. The researchers delved into identifying the reasons why students absent themselves from their classes. Behavioral factors which are related to the students’ gender, civil status, course, and year level were identified. Questionnaires were distributed to 174 Commerce students. The students’ reasons for absenting themselves are numerous but only 2 reasons are valid and accepted by the University: sickness and death of a member of the family. There is a high level of awareness among students in the College of Commerce with regard to the university policy on absenteeism.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, July – December 2006