Teachers’ perspective on the essential roles of Basic Education Teachers in achieving students’ success

  Julius T. Gat-eb, Ph. D1 and Veronica M. Bito, Ph. D2
School Principal, University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School
Subject Head, University of Baguio Science High School

Journal of International Education, 4, 121-136, (October 2022)


Journal of International EducationThe objective of this study is to enhance the roles of the Basic Education faculty members in their roles as designers, assessors, and facilitators of learning. Specifically, it sought to determine their perspectives on the extent of awareness of their essential roles in achieving student success in the Kto12 curriculum; how well they perform their roles as designers, assessors, and facilitators of learning; and the challenges they encounter in responding to their roles. This study is descriptive and quantitative involving teacher respondents from the Basic Education department of the University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines who have taught during the last four years of implementation of the K to 12 Program. The total enumeration was used to gather data; however, voluntary participation of faculty members was considered during the process of Reliability Testing. Informal conversations/interviews were done. Cronbach’s Alpha was used to answer the problems. Likert Scale was used in the interpretation of the results. The findings reveal the “extensively” extent of awareness on basic education teachers’ roles in achieving student success, linked with their practice or performance of their roles, likewise marked “extensively”. The awareness of teachers on their roles monitor and guide them in the effective performance of their roles. Challenges encountered by Basic Education teachers in responding to their roles as teachers indicate the need of the teachers to be guided by the current trends, techniques, approaches and modalities to meet the students’ varying requirement given the current situation that the pandemic poses. From these, the researchers propose to revisit the Faculty Evaluation Tool in response to the result of the study on the three roles of teachers; establish and sustain a regular Professional Learning Community
meeting; and craft a Program Proposal concerning collaboration.

Keywords: assessor, curriculum exits, designer, facilitator, Professional Learning Community