The Webinar on Design Phase

The Webinar on Design Phase is a continuation of the research conceptualization phase, as part of the research capability training program for UB researcher, students, and guests which was conducted on October 22, 2022. The half-day webinar discussion aimed to equip and refresh the knowledge of researchers and non-researchers on the Research Design Phase along the following areas; a. Research design identification b. population and sampling, c. use of appropriate research instrument, 4. Data gathering procedure, 5. Ethical consideration, and 6. Statistical tools. The event was attended mostly by the students who are enrolled in their research subject followed by guests, faculty members, non-teaching staff, and alumni via Zoom and FB live platforms with a total of about 809 participants.

The RDC invited two resource speakers; Mr. Miguel Villacrusis, a UB faculty member of STELA and Dr. Isagani A. Paddit, Director of RDC which they have shared a comprehensive discussion on the areas of the Research Design Phase.