Assessment of the awareness and safety practices in mitigating hazards of silica dust exposure among construction workers

Engr. Jeferd E. Saong1 | Abigail L. Babaran | Glenn Dale A. Balaho
1 Dean, School of Engineering and Architecture

International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology, Vol. 5, Issue 10, 60-65 (2021)


Construction sites generate high levels of dust typically from concrete, silica, asbestos, cement, wood, stone, and sand. Workers who are exposed to the said environment are faced with the risk of inhaling particulate materials that might lead to adverse respiratory problems. The lack of publication on the awareness of construction workers on the risk associated with silica dust exposure was the basis of the study. This study assessed the level of awareness of construction workers on the risk associated with silica dust exposure and the safety practices to minimize it. Purposive sampling was used in the selection of 65 respondents from different construction sites located in Baguio City, Philippines. A survey questionnaire containing four point Likert scales were used to determine the level of awareness on the health effects, mode of transmission, and sources of silica dust. The study further assessed the level of safety practices in mitigating the effects of silica dust exposure. The respondents were moderately aware (M=2.52) of the health effects, moderately aware (M=2.69) of the mode of transmission, and moderately aware (M=3.08) of the sources of silica dust. The results further showed that the respondents moderately practiced (M=2.84) activities to mitigate the health effects of silica dust exposure and moderately practiced (M=3.17) the use of personal protective equipment in the construction site. The results suggest that construction workers must be made more aware of the health effects of silica dust
exposure and, mitigation activities and utilization of personal protective equipment must be strictly imposed in the construction site.

Keywords: Silica dust exposure, silica dust exposure awareness, safety practices