A survey on physical hazards: Towards a safe and healthy University of Baguio community

Dr. Marilou M. Saong, ChE, LPT
Research and Development Center
ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6431-1364
Email: marilousaong@gmail.com


Due to the presence of various structures, laboratories, clinics, canteens, machine shops, offices and other facilities, employees in the University may be exposed to a varied and large number of physical hazards. This study aimed to identify the hazards commonly encountered by the employees associated with their work and determine the extent to which these hazards were observed. This study also assessed if there have been actions undertaken by the stakeholders to reduce the risks in some areas in the University based on the OSH audit done in February 2013. A descriptive survey method was employed in this study that consisted of the use of survey and structured open-ended questionnaires, documentary analysis, and field observations. The results of the survey revealed that non- teaching employees were exposed to a MODERATE degree of physical hazards associated with housekeeping, electrical connections, air quality, hand tools/materials, fire, and lighting; and HIGH degree with noise, and Predictors availability of first aid materials. Teaching employees, on the other hand, were exposed to a MODERATE degree of physical hazard associated with housekeeping, hand tools/materials, fire, lighting, and availability of first aid materials; and HIGH degree with noise, electrical connections, and air quality. T-Tests showed that in general there were significant differences between the level of hazards encountered by non-teaching and teaching employees. Documentary analysis and field observations revealed that the stakeholders did not fully address the risks identified in some areas based on the audit done in February 2013. Recommendations were formulated by the researchers based on the result of the study.

Keywords: physical hazards, non-teaching, teaching Employee


January 15, 2019
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Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1 January-June 2018