Dear Alumna/Alumnus,

The University of Baguio family would like to get information about your work life after graduation and feedback about the quality of education you received from us. We would like to strengthen our ties with you and involve you in the activities of the University. May we then request that you accomplish this survey form? The data and information you will write will be very valuable for our current tracer study and other program we are conceptualizing especially in the research and outreach areas.

Thank you.

Questions #1-16 are only for those who completed their baccalaureate degree in this university. Those who took their baccalaureate degrees in other universities but completed their graduate studies in this university may proceed to Part II.
6. On employment history:
13. Licensure/Board/Certification examination passed (pls. indicate rank if applicable)
14. Current membership in professional and civic organization
15. Research/es /Creative work conducted after graduation
16. Inventions after graduation
17. Awards received from external bodies after graduation