Healing effects of zingiber officinale root tincture on chronic periodontitis

Gabriel L. Bautista  |  Ervin D. De Vera  |  Diane Yvone P. Domondon
Giuseppe Alden A. Hilotin  |  Yves Joshua P. Patrocinio
Dorhel D.C. Quilaman  |  Gabriel Malaya R. Zapata
School of Dentistry
Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor  |  Dr. Belen W. Nievera,  Advisers


Periodontal diseases are considered as a major health problem worldwide. In the Philippines alone 78% of the Filipinos have periodontal disease. Ginger has been used generally as a food spice and an herbal medicine. It has shown therapeutic roles since the ancient time. Ginger has shown inhibition of colon bacteria.  It has strong antimicrobial and ant–inflammatory properties. This study aimed to investigate the effects of Zingiber officinale roots in the treatment of chronic periodontitis and to provide an effective and affordable alternative in treating chronic periodontitis.  The study utilized the experimental design, specifically the pre–test – post–test group design. The subjects chosen are all residents of Baguio City in order for the researchers to easily schedule an appointment with them. The researchers distributed an informed consent to prospect subjects. Ginger tincture was created by grating the ginger, mixing it with ethanol and extracting the solution after a 3–week storing period. Periodontal assessment was done pre–operatively which included testing of tooth mobility and clinical attachment level. The tincture was used as an irrigant during scaling and as a mouthwash to be gargled twice a day. Another batch of periodontal assessment were taken after the treatment. The healing effects of the Ginger tincture was proven by the researchers to be effective with regards to the improvement of the clinical attachment level and degree of tooth mobility of the teeth involved with chronic periodontitis. In addition to that, disappearance of halitosis and bleeding upon probing were observed.

Key words:  Zingiber officinale, healing effects, chronic periodontitis, clinical attachment
level, tooth mobility