Improving the Oral Hygiene of Patients with Psychotic Disorders Confined at a Medical Institution

Jose Carlos V. Baltazar | Seyed Ehsan Haddadi | Arshia Hosseinnia | Jewel Carmeliza A. Javier  |  Carl Daniel M. Quimson | Kristine T.  Rilloraza | Jethro Gil P. Sidayen
School of Dentistry
Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor, Adviser


Psychotic patients are one of the neglected special groups of people in the society at present.  This group is often avoided because of ignorance, fear, stigma, misconception, and negative attitudes.  Since mental health is the main concern for psychotic patients, doctors tend to forget about the oral hygiene, and such neglect may lead to other diseases.  The aim of this study was to improve the oral hygiene of these patients in their selected locality by conducting demonstrations on proper dental oral hygiene and education and assistance by the medical personnel.  Through teaching proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques for four (4) weeks, the patients were able to improve their oral hygiene status to a significant degree to which it was proven that the intervention method used by the researchers through social interaction, in line with courage, perseverance, patience and understanding, can improve one’s oral hygiene status regardless of one’s mental health and capacity for learning.

Keywords: Psychotic patients,  Oral hygiene, Personal Hygiene Performance, Intervention program