Involvement of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Students in co-curricular Activities

by Aida A. Dapiawen, Ph.D. Joanna Marie Victorio


This study sought to determine the involvement of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management students in co-curricular activities and formulate a guideline for BSTM students’ participation in co-curricular activities.  A questionnaire-checklist was utilized to gather the data.  Seventy fourth year students participated in this study. Frequency counts and weighted mean were used in obtaining the answers in relation to the extent of students’ awareness of the co-curricular activities of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, the frequency of the students’ participation in the activities, and the extent to which the students performed their tasks in the different activities.  Informal conversation with the respondents and the students’ advisers and/ or coaches supplemented the data gathered from the questionnaire.  The students perceived that they are very much aware of the different activities, and that they often participated in the different co-curricular activities.  As to   their tasks and roles, the students perceived that they have satisfactorily performed their tasks. To enhance the students’ participation in co-curricular activities, the formulated guidelines are strongly recommended for adoption and implementation.

Key words: Involvement, co-curricular activities, participation,  awareness, guidelines

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 1, January  – June 2014