Research Skills of the Students of the School of Teacher Education


Aida A. Dapiawen, PhD


This study sought to determine the research skills of the School of Teacher Education students. A questionnaire-checklist was utilized to gather the needed data. A total of 24 third year students participated in this study. The population was limited to the third year students because they are those who have completed a research subject, and who have completed the basic subjects where research is integrated. Frequency counts and weighted mean were used to obtain the data about students’ proficiency along the specified research-related activities, and the data on the skills developed by conducting research. The students perceived that they can accomplish the research activities enumerated in this study, but with help and guidance from their teacher. As regards the skills developed through research, the students perceived that doing research has equipped them with the skills among others – creative thinking, making inferences, critical thinking and analytic reading but just the same, they cannot activate the skills without the teachers’ prodding. To address the indicators that obtained the lowest means, the formulated action plan is strongly recommended for adoption and implementation.

Key words: Research skills, proficiency, skills developed