Webinar series on Validity and Reliability

As part of the ongoing R&DC’s institutional Research Capability Training Program, the webinar series on Validity and Reliability of Research Tools was conducted on April 17, 2021 via google meet while streamed at the R&DC Facebook live. The platform was widely accessible online and has reached not only the University of Baguio’s students, faculty, and staff but also from the different partner schools, other private or public universities, and government agencies nationwide. A total of 287 attended the activity. It started with the opening remarks of Ms. Josefa Angelica Remedios Cabuang, member of the University Research Ethics Committee (URB-REC) and faculty member of SIHTM. The first speaker was Dr. Elizabeth Calub, a member of University Institutional Research Committee (URB-IRC) and Dean of SIT and. She presented the validity of research tools, elaborating on the importance of having appropriate and correct instruments. The validity of the instruments reflects on the variables in measuring the objectives or problems of a study. The second speaker was Dr. Isagani Paddit, R&DC Director, discussed the reliability of research tools and its interconnection with the validity of the instrument or the data gathering tool.