Addressing the Scholastic Perfomance-Related Challenges of the University of Baguio College Students


Jenifer L. Kuadli, BSC Bus Econ | Noel L. Llamar, AB Mass Com


This study focused on the common scholastic-related challenges encountered by the University of Baguio college students for the second semester, school year 2010-2011. It also aimed to determine the degree of seriousness of the challenges encountered per school. The respondents were 1,162 students enrolled in 10 schools (except School of Law). Data gathered through triangulation method were analyzed using frequency, percentage and weighted means. Findings reveal the following as the most frequent challenges encountered by the students: academic requirements too many and too difficult; big back accounts in UB; poor time management; and too noisy surroundings which distract concentration in studying. These challenges were perceived to have affected the students’ scholastic performance. Moreover, they are stressful and need immediate attention. Additionally, most schools obtained the highest means under the financial aspect. Enhancing the Social Orientation program, reviewing policies on payment of fees, providing regular counseling programs among freshmen, and regulating noise along the corridors could help students cope with the issues they face.
Key words: Scholastic performance-related challenges, UB college students

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXV, No. 1, January – June 2011