Online Gaming Preferences of the University of Baguio College Students


Marilou B. Sannadan, MAEd Psych


This study describes online gaming preferences of the University of Baguio college students. The respondents were students enrolled during the summer of 2010. The descriptive-survey method was used to answer the problems of the study. Results show that Farmville is the favorite. Majority of the respondents prefer role-playing online games. Respondents resort to online gaming in order to be happy, to have fun, to relax, and to relieve stress. Respondents from the Schools of Human Sciences and Information Technology have an above average and significant above average levels of online games addiction, respectively, while respondents from the Schools of Teacher Education and Law Enforcement Administration were found to have low and very low levels of addiction, respectively. Both male and female college students play online games. A treatment plan was proposed for students to achieve academic excellence.

Key words: Online/computer games, Online gaming, College students, University of Baguio

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXV, No. 1, January – June 2011