Evaluation of the Learning Module in Analytic Geometry

Conrado C. Rotor Jr., Ph.D.

A learning module in Analytic Geometry intended to be used as a teaching and learning resource for the course Analytic Geometry (ENGMAT3) in the College of Engineering of the University of Baguio was developed by Dr. Conrado Rotor, Jr. and Engr. Aida Valerio. This action research sought to evaluate the effectiveness of the Learning Module.  It was the objective of  this study to evaluate and gather input to further improve the Learning Module. The descriptive study found a high level of acceptance on the use of the module in analytic geometry. An improvement in academic performance based on mean grades and failure rates was also attributed to the use of the module. Majority of the students acknowledged positive aspects of the module even as they suggested some minor improvements. Based on the findings of this study,  the use of the module as a learning aid is well-accepted by engineering students. Further,  the academic performance of students improved as a result of using the module. The following recommendations were also offered: (1) the module in analytic geometry must be revised to incorporate suggested enhancements; (2) the revised module be adopted by CETA as the official resource book for students taking ENGMAT3; (3) a teacher version of the module be developed to include solutions to problems and suggestions for teaching the various topics; and (4) the Engineering Mathematics Department embark on writing more modules or work texts for the other engineering mathematics subjects.
Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, July – December 2009