Factors influencing the students’ decision to choose the University of Baguio

Dr. Marilou M. Saong, ChE, LPT
Director, Research and Development Center
ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6431-1364
Email: marilousaong@gmail.com

Mr. Lesner A. Ngagan
RDC Staff


To be successful in attracting students, universities must explore the influential factors in a student’s decision to participate in higher education. This survey aimed to identify the factors associated with freshmen students’ reasons to choose the University of Baguio. The respondents included freshmen college students who were enrolled in Social Orientation (SOCORN1) in the university for the first semester of the Academic Year 2018 to 2019. The questionnaires were distributed through the Dean’s offices and administered to the target respondents by the SOCORN1 facilitators. A total of 2,302 respondents, of which are 914 males and 1388 females, voluntarily participated in the study. Results revealed that most of the students learned about UB through family members (58.82%) and friends (57.04%). Further, 51.00% indicated that the students chose to study in UB because it was their own decision; 36.92% because UB offers their preferred courses; 25.85% stated that it was their parents’ decision; 19.81% indicated the university’s scholarship offers; 19.16% indicated that it was location; and the remaining 8.21% said that they wanted to be with their siblings or relatives. As to what the enrolees liked about UB, the respondents (66.55%) cited the quality of education, UB’s offered courses (49.39%), and UB being a well-known university (42.88%). The results imply that UB’s academic reputation is a major attribute of why students liked UB. The results of the survey revealed that the most significant influences on students’ college choice appear to be the students’ personal choice, the parents’ decision, the university’s academic reputation, and friends or peers. This result implies that the university must sustain or improve its reputation as an academic institution in terms of instruction, facilities, amenities, course availability, and other factors as identified in the survey. The results further suggest the need for the university to improve its information dissemination, promotion, and recruitment processes.

Keywords: students, University of Baguio, college choice factors

December 4, 2019
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