Health Knowledge Sources Online: Utilizing and Maximizing its Potential for Teaching and Learning


Paciencia S. Calpito, RMT, RT, MBA


This study provides the imperative for a renewed commitment of the academe through effective and efficient use of ICT by faculty and students as well as the share of responsibility that school administrators must provide in order to contribute to the vision of a fun-learning environment. The study focused on the awareness and utilization of online sources for the allied health profession by the faculty and students of the University of Baguio. The technology adopter type of the faculty and students was also determined to help in framing the strategies. The study made use of a researcher-made questionnaire which was distributed to the respondents thru the deans’ offices after reliability and validity was established. Weighted means were used to determine the technology adopter type and the utilization of online health knowledge sources. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to determine if there were significant differences in terms of length of ICT Usage, and year level or length of teaching. The findings show that the faculty of the University of Baguio Allied Health Schools belongs to the early adopters while the students belong to the early majority. However, there are no significant differences in the technology adopter type between the faculty and students of the University of Baguio. It is apparent that there is no such thing as a “generation gap” between the students and faculty of the allied health schools in terms of ICT as a tool for teaching and learning. Both faculty and students are slightly aware of health knowledge sources online, they sometimes visit the specified websites, they sometimes download from the specified websites, and they learn little from the given health knowledge sources online. They can readily accept technology, but many are not sufficiently equipped with the knowledge and skills in utilizing health knowledge sources online. Bridging these gaps is expected to increase the level of awareness on and the utilization of health knowledge sources online to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Key words: Technology adopter type, health knowledge sources online, allied health, teaching, learning

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXV, No. 2, July – December  2011