Requirements for the University of Baguio Online Alumni Management System


Perry A. Agustin Jr., BSCS | Cherrie L. Almazan, MIT | Arlani B. Buccat, MACT
Elisabeth D. Calub, MSIT | Lilibeth R. Decena, MBE, MIT | Irel V. Derije, MIT
Ellen M. Halover, PhD | Erna N. Martinez , BSCS | Michelle A. Montalbo, MBE
Leah Grace B. Nasak, BSIT | Meynard O. Soriano, MIT


Numerous universities are having a dilemma as to how they should collect, record, store, and manage alumni information. The University of Baguio (UB) is one of the universities having the same problem, specifically, the office that holds alumni processes which is the Review, Linkage and Alumni Center (RLAC). Since the RLAC is having problems regarding the current processes on how to update and manage alumni information, the researchers found an opportunity to introduce a standardized alumni management system for the RLAC. The main purpose of the study is to discover the problems currently experienced by the RLAC regarding alumni information and then lay down the requirements needed for the development of the University of Baguio Online Alumni Management System (UBOAMS), a software that will not only track alumni information but also manage such information in coordination with the other offices inside and outside the university. The said purpose was achieved through the careful usage of requirements discovery and elicitation tools and techniques currently used in the software industry. The result of this undertaking is the UBOAMS Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), a standard document that contains all the requirements needed to create a system that will manage the university’s alumni information.

Key words: Alumni management system, alumni information, UB alumni

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXV, No. 2, July – December  2011