University of Baguio Online Alumni Management System


Ellen M. Halover, PhD | Michelle A. Montalbo, MBE | Perry A. Agustin, Jr., BSCS
Stephanie B. Pablo, MSIT | Erna-Kristi N. Martinez, BSCS | Leah Grace B. Nasak, BSIT
Cherrie L. Almazan, MIT | Meynard O. Soriano, MIT | Irel V. Derije, MIT | Elisabeth D. Calub, MSIT
Lilibeth R. Decena, MBE, MIT | Avegale Charisma L. Canipas, BSES, ACT | Arlani B. Buccat, MACT


The University of Baguio is an academic institution in need of an alumni system; it has been continuously creating ways on how it will collect and manage its alumni information. This research is centered on the development of the University of Baguio Online Alumni Management System known as UBOAMS. Such development was possible because of the availability of the UBOAMS Software Requirements Specifications document, the end-product of the study entitled Requirements for the UB Online Alumni Management System. Based on the SRS, technical design considerations needed included the software development platform Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 as the database application. It also implemented the 3-tier architecture comprised of the presentation layer, business logic layer and lastly, the data services layer. The specific functions created are: online alumni registration, alumni profile updating, user guide, automatic e-mail confirmation, importing/uploading of alumni information, alumni information management, report generation and security of alumni information. The creation was efficiently undertaken through the use of the iterative system development life cycle model. The end result of this research are the standard documents as artifacts of a software development project such as the UBOAMS SPMP, SDD, UI Design Guidelines, Test Cases, UAT User Sign Off, and User Guides. The main product is the working UBOAMS software application.

Key words: Alumni management system, UBOAMS

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January – June 2012