Webinar on Quantitative Data Analysis

On February 27, 2021, the Quantitative Data Analysis using IBM-SPSS webinar was conducted via Google meet and streamed thru RD&C’s Facebook live to accommodate a wider audience. One of  the University’s statistician prowess, Dr.Victor V. Hafalla was invited to be the speaker for this activity. Dr. Hafalla informed the audience that the webinar is an introduction and a recollection of quantitative analysis using SPSS. He demonstrated comprehensive statistics topics in two parts, the Descriptive and Inferential Statistics. After the awarding of Certificate to Dr. Hafalla by the Research Director, Dr. Isagani Paddit, it was followed by a closing remark from Dr. Dahlia Soriano, member of the University Research Ethics Committee (URB-REC) and a faculty member of STELA. A total of 308 respondents attended the webinar which includes the following; UB Employees (35), UB Students (258), UB Non-Teaching (10), and others as guests (5) respectively.