Assessment of Field Studies 1 and 2

Elmer C. Eligio, MAEd.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the degree of awareness and performance of Education students enrolled in Field Studies 1 and 2. It also aimed to find out the problems encountered by both Field Studies 1 and 2 students and the critic teachers in the laboratory schools of the University of Baguio. The descriptive-survey research design was used to answer the specific problems. The tool was copied from the handbook used by the supervising instructors teaching the subjects and other items were given by the supervising instructors handling Field Studies 1 and 2. The students of the College of Education who were enrolled in Field Studies 1 and 2 during the first semester of school year 2007-2008 are very much aware that taking Field Study courses should be congruent to their professional education subjects. They are much aware in observing proper decorum and behavior when going to Field Study visits and observations in the laboratory schools. Too many requirements from the course and overload of enrolled subjects are considered as serious problems of the students. The duties and responsibilities of the critic teachers are performed well. Irregular attendance of Field Study students is perceived as a serious problem by the critic teachers.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXII, No. 1, January – June 2008