Effectiveness of the Deployment Program of the University of Baguio Student Teachers

Corazon B. Dacawi, EdD
Annie M. Mannong, EdD


This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of deploying student teachers for off-campus education to their home provinces/cities by looking into the attainment of the objectives of the deployment program, the ratings received by the interns during the off-campus period, and the extent to which they performed their responsibilities toward the University of Baguio, their cooperating schools and cooperating teachers. The 28 respondents of the study were 12 interns and 16 of their cooperating teachers. A questionnaire was the basic tool used in gathering data. The responses to the items in the questionnaires were all in the highest level in the scales used for the research, connoting that all the objectives were very much attained; the interns always performed their responsibilities; and the grades given to the interns — mostly in the range of 95 to 100 — indicate excellent performance while serving as interns in their provinces/cities. All these indicate effectiveness of deploying student teachers to their provinces/cities.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXII, No. 1, January – June 2008