Students’ perception on the Student Personnel Services of the University of Baguio, 2nd semester, SY 2005 – 2006

Jerome S. Palaoag , MPA


The main intention of the survey is to determine the perception of the students regarding the student personnel services of the University. Respondents of the study were students enrolled during the second semester. The sample was picked via convenient sampling. Findings of the study show that many of the respondents never availed of the services of the Security Office. As regards level of satisfaction, the student respondents are not satisfied over the services of the Athletic Office while they are very satisfied with that of the Food Court . The personnel of the Food Court have also been specified as very accommodating while personnel of the Athletic Office are perceived to be not accommodating. The latter office has also been indicated as not having adequate facilities while the Food Court is said to have very adequate facilities.


July 29, 2006
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