Students’ performance in two outcomes assessment tools in General Physics 1

Marilou M. Saong, MSMath
Jeferd E. Saong, MAMath


The study aimed to determine the level of performance of General Physics 1 students when homegrown exams and departmental exams are administered. The study made use of the descriptive method of research.  The researchers requested for a copy of the Physics teachers’ grade sheets, which contain the final grades of 2775 Nursing, Medical Technology and Pre-dentistry students enrolled in General Physics 1 during the 1st and 2nd semesters of school years 2005-2007.  The findings show that the respondents have a fair performance in General Physics 1 when homegrown examinations and departmental examinations are implemented.  There is a significant difference in the students’ performance in the homegrown examination and in the departmental examinations.  There is also a significant difference between the level of their performance in the homegrown examinations and departmental examinations.  Recommendations include improvement of the General Physics 1 instruction, implementation of common lecture materials, and realignment of the General Physics 1 syllabus to cater to the needs of the paramedical courses.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, July – December 2007