Teachers’ Perspectives in the Design Framework of the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum


Avelina U. Garcia, EdD | Julius T. Gat-eb, MAEd


The study sought to determine the teachers’ perspectives in the design framework of the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum. The study included twenty teachers of the University of Baguio High School and Science High School of the school year 2011-2012 who had experienced teaching the 2010 SEC using the Understanding by Design. The study found that the Secondary Education Curriculum objectives were very much attained. Further, the number of teaching experience of the teachers varied their perceived level of attainment of the 2010 SEC objectives using Understanding by Design. The teachers stressed that the desired results stage, assessment evidence stage, and the learning plan of the stages for Understanding by Design were very much implemented. The number of teaching experience and the number of seminars attended in relation to the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum among the teachers varied their perceived level of implementation of the curriculum. The reading and writing, differentiated learning, values integration, and the assessment of learning features of the 2010 SEC using Understanding by Design were very much integrated by the teachers, however, the learning by technology feature of the curriculum is much integrated. The teachers suggest that more training-workshops for teachers’ strategies and learning activities for the conduct of classes in the understanding of the curriculum be conducted; intensive evaluation of the flaws and inconsistencies of the curriculum be made and more similar researches be conducted considering other aspects of the curriculum for its refinement and enrichment in keeping with the need of the times.

Key words: Secondary education, understanding by design

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January – June 2012