Perspectives of Business Students on Oral Presentations


Christian Michelle V. Cacho, MBA | Rowena R. Cuntapay, MBE


This study was conducted to determine how students could be helped in their oral presentations. The respondents of this study were students from the School of Business Administration and Accountancy enrolled in subjects having oral presentations as part of their final requirement. The descriptive-survey method was adopted by using a questionnaire to gather data on the self-preparation, strategies during delivery of students, and teachers’ strategies to enhance business students’ speaking skills towards oral presentation. A total of 133 students, who were enrolled during the 2nd semester 2011-2012, participated in the study. The students realize the importance of oral presentations since they exert effort in preparing themselves. They do try to have effective presentations; however, their skills can be enhanced further. The faculty members have a crucial role to play in order to help students address their weaknesses, so they can become more competitive graduates.

Keywords: Oral presentations, business students

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January – June 2012