The Filipino Students’ concept of “who is cool in school”

Ms. Liberty L. Catbagan, MS EDMEV


This phenomenological research tried to study the origin and nature of the “cool” in school concept. It made use of intensive interviews, autobiography, and focus-group discussion to gather the needed data. It turned out that the concept arises spontaneously in the consciousness of the students during elementary and evolves as they progress in the educational ladder. Apparently, the phenomenon exists whether the setting is urban or rural. It appears in different forms but there is a consensus as to what it is – that is, the adolescent’s search for identity. Furthermore, the effect of their concept on “cool” is the imitation of what they perceive makes an individual comfortable in who he/she is. Contrary to what adults fear, the concept on “cool” may actually positively lead adolescents to search for who they are; thus, hastening their maturity.


July 29, 2006
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