The Tertiary Level Physical Education Program of the University of Baguio

Prof. Josefina Esguerra, Ed.D.
Prof. Rosemarie Estoesta, Ed.D.


The purpose of this study was to assess the status of the tertiary Physical Education (PE) program of the University of Baguio , as of SY 2005-2006, along the following areas of concern: PE teachers, Staff development, instructional program, program evaluation, organization/administration, equipment and facilities, and school-related programs. The study made use of the Program Appraisal Checklist for Physical Education programs to assess the seven key areas. The tool was devised by the American Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). All UB PE teachers (numbering 12) and 10 PE students per teacher (total of 120) composed the sample of the study. The UB tertiary level PE program, which was rated as very satisfactory / very adequate by both PE and faculty and students, is generally in agreement with what a quality PE program is along the seven components. However, there is a need for improvement particularly along the area of equipment and facilities.


July 29, 2006
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