Problems met by the Criminology Reviewees and Reviewers of the University of Baguio Law Enforcement Academy

Prof. Teodulo Natividad, Ph.D.
Mr. Benjamin Dulipas, MS Crim


This study focused on the problems encountered by the Criminology reviewees and reviewers of the Law Enforcement Academy along the following areas of concern: a) administration and supervision, b) review materials, c) reviewees’ factor, and d) reviewers’ factor. A questionnaire-checklist was used to gather data on the problems encountered by the LEA reviewees and reviewers. Two groups of respondents participated in this study: the LEA reviewees and LEA reviewers of the summer 2006 review period. In sum, the reviewers encountered moderately serious problems in the following: review materials, lack of reviewers’ support in supplying review materials, coming to review classes unprepared, inadequate time management, and poor concentration. The reviewers, on the other hand, encountered very serious problems in the conduct of the LEA review classes, the most serious of which are: lack of adequate orientation for reviewers, lack of evaluation of reviewers’ performance, lack of observation during actual review, low amount of honorarium, and unpaid overtime services; whereas, the following were observed as dominant problems with the reviewees: poor concentration, inadequate time management, tardiness, poor reading skills, and sleeping during review classes.


July 29, 2006
UB RJ Vol. XXX, No. 1 2006