The Organizational Culture of the University of Baguio

Christine Marie C. Poyaoan, AB Soc Sci


The main purpose of the study was to determine the perceptions of individuals towards the University of Baguio ‘s (UB) existing organizational culture. The study identified the values which guide the employees’ behavior and the direction of UB’s development. It also classified the manifestations wherein these values are expressed. The respondents included UB employees, students, alumni, and community members. Among the 16 values, a strong sense of spirituality was perceived to be the dominant value in the University. This is followed by the following: strict rule implementation, giving pride in being a Filipino, University-wide planning and implementation, and being family-oriented. The students and its facilities/services/courses were deemed to manifest the culture of UB. There are significant differences in the perceptions on UB values and its manifestations according to the respondents’ group and place of origin. Employees who have longer work experience have distinct views from the new employees. Students, regardless of school graduated from, have similar perceptions about the University’s existing culture.


July 29, 2006
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