Physics simulator

Kurt Renzo A. Acosta  |  Joshua Christopher B. Kitong
Hazel M. Sara  |  Shaira G. Ramoran
School of Information Technology
Cherry Ann C. Carpiso, Adviser
Erna-kristi N. Martinez, Adviser


The Physics simulator is a mobile application developed to help Physics students by providing another interface . The interface includes lessons, simulations and a calculator where the students can study and learn at their own pace. The project team conducted a survey where they gathered the difficulties faced by students regarding Physics so that they could address those problems with the use of the application. The application contains lessons which cover topics under Physics 1, a calculator that shows the step-by-step solution on how the problems are solved, and a simulator which shows a simulation of the particular subject depending on the user’s input. The application was developed using the Scrum methodology and was designed using Material Design.

Key words: Physics Simulator (PS), Mobile Learning, Physics, Android Application,                Learning Application