Perception of Liberal Arts Students on the realization of the College’s VMO for the Second Semester, School Year 2006-2007

Prof.Ely Jose As-il, Ed.D.
Mr. Julio Bugtong, MBS


This study has been conceived out of the researchers’ desire to find out how the students in the College of Liberal Arts respond to the query of objective attainment in the subjects they are enrolled in. The study reveals that overall, the objectives of the College are very much realized. In the basic subjects, it was noted that the overall mean is 3.37, interpreted as very much realized. The same result was derived in the major subjects, with a mean of 3.31. Specifically however, the College objective “Train the individual to care for the environment” has not been realized, particularly in the subjects ANTHRO1, CRILAW1, and ADMLAW1. This objective concerns environmental awareness on the part of the students. On the contrary, the objectives “Provide the students with a broad knowledge in the Natural, Human and Mathematical Sciences to prepare them for the pursuit of other related professions” and “Develop special skills with emphasis in oral and written communication, arts, analytical thinking and leadership” registered a perfect mean of 4.00 in the subjects ENGLSH6 and MASCOM1 respectively. From these significant findings sprang the need for the immediate implementation of the recommendations suggested at the latter part of this study.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXI, No. 1, January – June 2007