Reading Performance of Freshman College Students of the University of Baguio

Prof. Josefina S. Esguerra, Ed. D.
Prof. Perfecto M. Lopez, Ed. D.
Prof. Mark A. Sanchez, Ph. D.


This action research sought to determine the reading performance of freshman college students during the first semester of school year 2006-2007. The pre-test and post-test reading ability levels of the students were determined. Freshman college students enrolled in English 1 classes composed the population of the study. The pre-test reading ability level is predominantly Level D (slow reading with poor comprehension). A reading intervention program was conducted among volunteer freshman students who were in Level D grouping. The post-test reading ability level of the students is predominantly Level A (fast reading with good comprehension). The improvement from Level D to Level A reading ability can be attributed to the reading intervention program. This denotes that constant practice is needed for efficient and effective reading. It is strongly recommended that Developmental Reading (as a subject) should become part of the freshman curriculum in all college programs; to be offered during the first semester of the first year general education curriculum.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXX, No. 2, July to December 2006