Study Habits for Assignment Preparation of UB Student Assistants

Froilan C. Aspa, MACT
Marie Chryza A. Paragas, MALS
Lea C. Papay, MLIS
Hydie B. Cerezo, BSED
Jennifer G. Gumihid, BSED
Pacita C. Sugando, BSED
Sigrid S. Pernada, BSED
Reyna A. Florendo, AB Eng
Elsa M. Ong-ongawan, BSED


 This study determined the factors that influence and improve the performance of the student assistants in their study habits for assignment preparation. It made use of the descriptive–survey method. The population of the study composed of 151 student assistants enrolled last first semester of SY 2008-2009.  Results showed that student assistants were highly motivated to work because they are aware of the purpose of their tasks.  The strengths of the respondents in the preparation of their assignments include prioritizing tasks according to importance; planning beforehand; and preparing needed resources and equipment prior to commencing work.  On the other hand, their areas for improvement are utilizing more reading materials as source of information for their assignments; sharing to others their worries about their assignments; and having better organization skills when it comes to essay writing.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, July – December 2009