The rigors of the UB senior high school students: Understanding their academic challenges

Jenett C. Flores1 and Dynachen Amy B. Diwan1
1 Faculty, University of Baguio High School
University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines


While education idealizes to provide the best for the students by setting standards, often, the students are pushed to the limits to the extent of experiencing rigors that adversely affect their performance. One way to address the needs of the students is to look into the rigors or challenges that persist in their lives as students. Thus, the study was conducted to shed light on the prevalence of the academic challenges of the Senior High School students along with their underlying factors, coping strategies, and corresponding programs or interventions that can be undertaken. The study which utilized the qualitative phenomenological design, made use of key informants and online interviews to capture the essence of the lived experiences of the 16 Senior High School students who represented the academic track of the University of Baguio. Purposive sampling was used to delimit the participants from the academic tracks of Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Science Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) during the school year 2019-2020. The sought-after challenges of the students revolved around the adjustment period; lack of interest or motivation; truancy; poor time management; financial constraints; heavy workload, hectic schedule, difficult subjects, and teachers’ attitude. These challenges are attributed to lack of motivation, improper mindset, family problem, peer influence, teaching strategies, teachers’ expectations, lack of collaboration, lack of instructional materials, and unfinished syllabus. Despite the rigors of the students, their personal conviction to improve and the support they solicited from their peers and family helped them hurdled the challenges. The plight of the students could be mitigated through career guidance, social orientation, remedial classes, collaboration, proper scheduling, seminars/webinars of teachers, creation of more learning materials, and completion of the syllabus.

Keywords: academic challenges, collaboration, rigors, Senior High School