Total Experience of Graduating Students of the University of Baguio


Ely Jose F. As-il, EdD | Teresita D. de Guzman, PhD | Junamil C. Zamora, MBA


This study focused on the entire experience of graduating students of the University of Baguio. It revealed that the respondents’ first experience as students of UB is good. In terms of the students’ stay in UB, their educational training and their training in their field of specialization, majority responded on the average and satisfactory, respectively. The respondents also answered positively on the aspect of promoting UB by enrolling in the graduate program and by advertising and endorsing UB. As to what the respondents liked best in the University, they enumerated their teachers, the facilities, the school’s friendly atmosphere, scholarship opportunities, trainings, tuition fee payment, academic and non-academic activities, development of abilities, standard of education, fast transaction, and University-wide and college/school celebrations. On what the respondents disliked most, these were the vandalized facilities, unexplained collection of fees, non-functioning equipment, security risk, laxity in implementation of rules and policies, suspension of classes, too high grading system-passing percentile/cut-off, unfortunate experience within the campus, high tuition fee, scheduling of duties and trainings, and library services. Suggestions included conducting more seminars on social skills, sufficiency of laboratory equipment, repair of dilapidated buildings, offering of more programs, and improvement of students’ security. To this end, the recommendations cited are deemed necessary to make the total experience of the graduating students better.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXIV, No. 2, July – December 2010