Activated Charcoal as a Dental Handpiece Filtration Unit for Lead

Karl Lester B. Dizon  |  Justin Eleazar A. Martin  |  Kevin P. Razalan  |  Amormio C. Cando  |  Arvin L. Nunez
School of Dentistry
Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor, Adviser


This study is about the filtration of lead content of the water running in the dental unit water line and decreasing the potential risk of possible lead toxicity during dental procedures in clinical set-up and also in community services. The researchers gathered three water samples from three different sources in the University of Baguio Dental Infirmary for the pre-test, the samples were taken to Saint Louis University Natural Sciences Research Unit for the determination of the Lead Content. Another three samples were taken and were also subjected to same test or the post-test. The study shows that there is a consistent decrease in lead content of the water taken from the dental unit water line filtered using activated charcoal. Charcoal as a filtration unit is effective because the levels of the lead content of the water from the dental unit water line have decreased significantly to below detection limit.

Keywords: Filtration, activated charcoal, lead, Dental Unit Water Line