Higher Order Thinking Skills among Students of the University of Baguio Science High School

Mercy B. Molina, BS Biochem
Ryan C. Saingan, BSED Physics
Christine S. Antero, MAPE
Cesaria C. Bitaga, BSED Math


This study aimed to determine the extent of higher order thinking skills of fourth year students using Physics intervention materials in the University of Baguio Science High School. The section Quantum Physicists was picked as the control group and the section Atomic Physicists was assigned as the experimental group. All of the students in each class were involved in the study. The control group received a traditional lecture method while the experimental group received and used the Physics intervention materials. Results show that the experimental group manifested a very high level of higher order thinking skills while the control group showed average or moderate higher order thinking skills. Furthermore, the t-values show that there is a significant difference in the pretest and post-test results of the experimental group and the control group.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXII, No. 1, January – June 2008