Students’ Motives for Transferring to the UB College of Liberal Arts

Ely Jose F. As-il, Ed. D.
Teresita D. de Guzman, Ph. D.
Junamil C. Zamora, MPA


This study sought to find out the motives of students transferring to the University of Baguio College of Liberal Arts. A total of 47 transferees participated in the study. The respondents’ reasons for transfer include the number of subjects to be enrolled and subject offering in the University. Other reasons for transferring include cheaper tuition fee, competent teachers, and the cool environment in UB. Regarding scholarship programs, transferees aspired to be student assistants. It is noted as well that they transferred because of advertisement through the web, and they were influenced by their parents or guardians.   The internal reason with the most number of transferees is their wanting to avail of a maximum number of units for them to graduate earlier than what is expected. The enhancement programs to be proposed to cater to the needs of the transferees include provisions for security and safety and stipulation of recognition for achievements apart from the usual recognitions being awarded to good and deserving students. The effectiveness of these provisions shall be implemented through programs in order to address the needs of the transferees which are unmet from their previous school. For the College of Liberal Arts to be further promoted and for would-be transferees to be enticed, it is recommended that curricular offerings and amenities be magnified further through career guidance program and promotional strategies such as highlighting the success stories of UB graduates in different media that are more accessible to students.

 Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, July – December 2009